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  • Lynne, very warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, take care, Love Sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hı Bıbs
    It's Jane here not Aysel. Just on her computer! Thanks for a lovely couple of days. It's great here too. Been all round the lake today and seems warmer now. Off to Datca tomorrow.
    Love from Jane
    ....continuing from previous message.

    SO we got him back with a translator and he said it was just a smell and not dangerous. This was after we showed him the detector. He wouldn't accept there was anything dangerous going on but made the mistake of telling the translator that the tube stops just above the baffle. The chimney isn't rendered, and as you know, seismic blocks are like honeycomb, so the fumes might be trickling through the blockwork and in through the vent. He said this was impossible as we would see smoke. He had all the answers. I am livid.

    I am also dismayed that the builder excused the fact the chimney wasn't rendered inside by saying they don't expect them to be used!
    Thanks Terry. When we had the Somine fitted we knew that there might be a bit of smell from the chimney as, by that time, we had already used the fireplace for a few weeks. There is a vent into the bedroom and the metal tube goes past the vent with a 'baffle' across the chimney just above the vent, so any stored heat from the chimney cavity would be directed into the bedroom (a guest room, luckily). SO when we could smell a smokey smell we blamed the fact the chimney itself was impregnated from before the somine was fitted.

    But I bought 2 detectors in May to be sure..

    Come the winter we never had any problems till we forgot to open the bedroom door. That trapped the Carbon Mon in the bedroom and after 3 hours the alarm would sound.

    Continued on next message......
    just read your post re fires
    That builder wants shooting!!!
    His reaction is like a plumber saying " you didnt ask for a drainnpipe" when water from the bath pours out onto the floor when you pull the plug out!!
    Typical bloody Turkey.
    Glad you ok as that Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer and there was enough of it to set off the alarm so that was going into your lungs too!!
    Take care both x
    Good idea Bibby, i shall have a word with Mushtaq.

    Thanks for message Lynne

    I have also noticed members playing the games who have never made comment on the main Forum so have already asked Mushtaq to look into it and maybe just ban them from the games & chat room untill they have at least made 10 or 15 posts. Iv'e yet to get a reply.
    Aww, thanks Jane. It seems the site has changed and now you have to be brainy to use it, LOL!!! (rules me out)
    Oh Bibs i have no idea what this section is all about however i have a few friends here and see you have none boo hoo- so you'd better be mine lol.
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