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  • Evening Beyazbayan
    We used Propercar for last 7 years never an issue
    We picked up in Izmir this year and returned in Bodrum ,no problems.
    Once we were involved in an accident and Propercar Rep was on the scene within minutes and took care of everything

    Do you mean a Dylon dye? No one wearing that kind of outfit here as the temp today was 9 deg and pissing down rain. I can't wait to get back. xx
    She was in Alanya went back sat to finalise her move. Will give you her UK no. to ring.
    07503582748. Her name is Elif Bartrum and she will expect your call.
    Hello Beyazbayan
    Thank you ever so much for the contact details of Elif. I look forward to contacting her tomorrow. Is Elif already in Alanya? Or is Elif still in the UK? I am based in the UK.
    I really appreciate your help.
    With best wishes Angela

    Hello Beyazbayan. Hope you don't mind me asking. Was it the UK tax authorities , or the Turkish authorities that queried you sending 20.000 pounds to Turkey??.
    I would be really grateful for your insight and info. Thanks Tom
    Just to say, thanks for replying to my post. İf İ knew anyone here, that was British, İ would most certainly have asked them, after reading your idea. Very logical, and wouldn't have thought of it myself. Anyway, my husband, who has no money (Askim! Param yok!) has discovered, after seeing how stressed İ was, that he has some, in the deep dark depths of his wallet! =) Thanks again. xxx
    İt's a mine field but a good site to look at is Turkish Love it's not a romance thing it's for women who are with or married to a Turk. They have countries you can visit without a visa. Look under visitors visa. Re Europe under the free movement it should be easy but it isn't you must apply directly to the country you want to visit and you must both go together as his right to travel is via you.
    Anyway look at the site and feel free to come back to me.
    Hello beyazbayan
    ı saw your thread on vısas and hope that you could help me or gıven me good guıdance on what ı should do.
    I am englısh my hubbıe of 4 years ıs turkısh as you know the vısa restrıctıons for a turk ıs a mınefıeld. All we want to do ıs be able to holıday sometımes out of Turkey or vısıt my famıly ın the UK can you suggest where we can vısıt wıth no problems and how to vısıt EU countrıes for holıdays . I do hope that you can help
    kınd regards
    where are you..been ringing you and had no reply..we have been seriously worried at our tuesday club...come home all is forgiven..hope you are ok anyway. xxx
    In the Uk it's a long story but hopefully near the end. Hopefully we will be back in Turkey soon. Then I will call round and update you.
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