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  • i was sorry to read about the ordeal you had...i hope it wont put you off travelling alone.. they are sure to get their comeuppance
    happy birthday..sorry didnt see it until now but hope youve had a nice day..we all need our birthdays..again and again as many as pos.
    bev , I got the same message from Baymeteor as you , ha ha , i wonder how many more he has sent to ....

    Eve xx
    ı am lieving in istanbul and working istanbul airport as an engineer ı am studying english for my master school, ı want to make practise in english. ı am waiting for your visit istanbul and ı will be glad if you become my friend.
    thats good news for you well done, we ar comming out this weekend to try and complete a villa purchase and all paper work in 2 1/2 weeks, god help us.
    I noticed your from sunny Runcorn, lived ther for many years myself, can you give us any tips?
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