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  • Hi Bebs not certain how to post a private message so this will have to suffice !!! thanks for the song you requested for me. Just to say had the op and not certain yet if its done the trick as the consultant who performed it dissagreed with my consultant and felt that it wasnt the metal staple that was causeing the pain but possible mild nerve damage. I hope he is wrong as if it is nerve damage I will have the pain permanent and WONT beable to wear dressy shoes (not stilleto's but just nice shoes ) even flat sandals that go between the toe caused problems. My other foot which was done last year is brilliant but wish I had not had this one done. By now we should be back in Turkey (May to Oct/Nov ) but this has set us back . If all is well after the stitches are out on 23rd then we will get a flight. Sooooooooooo fingers crossed,although I am not at all confident. Hope you are well. Julie xxxx jewel x
    Bernie, just a short note to wish you and all the family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, take care. Love Sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bernie,

    Was indeed smashing to finally meet you on there !!!!!! Apologies for tiring (((how on earth do I spell tire - ing ????? doh blonde ))) you out. Have been dancing all evening at daughter's gig! went down a storm and one guy bought 7 CD's!!! I asked just how many ears did he have??? BTW Lovely photo and gorgeous smile you have! OH that's sounds odd but hey, I'm like Chandler on Friends if you've seen that episode Camera comes out I look like a right twit. Got me £60 off my wedding photos tho' :p Xx
    Hi Bernie, I hope you are feeling a little better today, there's lovely memories you'll have of Susie, one minute you'll be up and the next down again. I'm thinking of you.

    Bebs, just got home , tell what thread you are on about with that great pic of me Ha Haa.
    Glad somebody missed me , hahaha .. Mind you i didn't hear any search party !!!!! Comp Got a really bad Virus ... Diane ....:thanks:
    Glad you liked it! It still makes me laugh now. Esp since grown men made it they were all in their twenties at least!

    All aspirations I guess.
    Debbie x
    would have loved to have been your bridesmaid, and have def. lost my marbles after all thats happened! hope perry has lost much more! my 3 great grandchildren would have made lovely little bridesmaids (2 girls, 3 & 5) and 2 year old pageboy. could just picture myself as b/maid in mini dress! and i saw a gorgeous fascinator today in black and turquoise, perfect. well, when you and the 19 year old waiter announce your wedding plans, i'll be ready and waiting!!!!!!
    Hello Bebs
    Just thought i'd let you know you can pay your membership fee by Pay Pal Visa Or Mastercard !!!
    Please obey the rules at all times !!!!
    2 its prefered you smoke
    3 you will be expelled if you complain about smokeing
    4 Please give generously towards travelling expences for Lesley and I going to crufts
    And last
    Welcome to The Golden Girls ......Diane
    1 you MUST laugh a lot
    Bebs, lovely to see you posting again, I've had a busy few days partying so not been on as much as I would like. 'm addicted to this forum, but have lots of good fun. Lesley x
    Thanks a million Lesley sent you message yesterday laptop in for repairs had to be sent to England still not logging off properly. Was having withdrawal symptoms without it,wont send it back till New Year missed the banter ,Berniexx
    I have been so worried about you because you not been joining us Golden Girls for the craic, hope you're ok, and back on-line to join us soon. Lesley xx
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