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  • Hi hope all is well. Just a quick note to say we are off to Turkey next week, 7th - 28th Sept. how about you will we get together this time?
    Hi Bebelka

    Just a quick note to say we are now in Turgutreis, until 8th July. not sure where or when you said you would be here, but we will be visiting Derekoy ( Oz & Gulsen) in the next few days and wondered if you would like to join us. Our. Turkish mobile is 05386129838..Heather & Halit
    Hi Again.
    Yes I am blonde but not a problem I am constantly having Blonde moments, Let me know when you are free for a coffee, Stressed out here at the moment, sold my house within 48hrs of it going on the market and my buyer wants to move in on the 23rd Dec, I haven't found anything that I want to buy so I am desperately looking for a short term let, been checking internet site's 24/7 but nothing suitable so far!
    Catch up soon. Rosemary x
    Hi Bebelka,
    Thanks for your message, yes it would be great to meet up, don't know Worcester very well as only lived here a couple of years, I worked at Russell/Dorrell before it closed down, so lady of lesuire at the moment ( bored stiff) hope to hear from you soon.
    Rosemary x
    Hi, Good to hear from you, enjoy the cruise,very windy in Yali this year.
    But still hot and lovely break. we are hear until the 27th it will come round too soon :(
    Hope you are both having a great time. We go off on our cruise on 23rd August, getting excited now Issy. Booked Yalikavak 11th Nov so got that to look forward to before the winter. How long you in Yalikavak for? xx
    Yea I'm fine, you ok, I'm over my Yalilkavak blues holiday now as another on the horizon but maybe around 14th November for a week, so should be happy that at least we like you can keep dipping in and out of the place we love so much see our secret garden got a good write up on summer in yalikavak thread must go there for fish and chips or something next time. xx
    Hi Issy, how are you been gorgeous here today, and tomorrow is hot but then the rains coming at the week-end umph. x
    Thanks for your numbers I will text you mine, when do you head off to Turkey, we go 23rd June till 2nd July shorter time than usual for this time of yr but we've a cruise booked in August and we are going out to Turkey again in Oct I shall miss having my 3 weeks there but needs must this yr lol. xxxx
    Also though of heading for Finance: Is he on DLA Disability Living Allowance? is the home help being paid by Direct Payments ? if yes then he can choose who works for him in the home-although this may be hard to get some one if he is difficult, but if yes; she is accountable only to him not the CPN!!!! a lot of info I can get hold of; but off work for mo due to my ankle, hence got time to be on TLF !
    Are you on Skype? my user name is Bebellka; note the 2 L's as the other way it was taken:(
    Take care.x

    Are you on Skype?
    thanks got your mail and went through it..started writing a repl last night and the leccy went off...will write later...and many thanks ...it made sense.
    Hi Bebelka,
    I did reply to your last message. Maybe you didn't get it.
    Are you working hard?
    How long is it b4 you go to Turkey?
    What did they say on radio 4 about turkey joining the EU? Anything interesting?
    Sorry, lots of questions!!
    I see remus likes fishy too. It's so addictive!!
    I have been off the fags for 11 days until today. My e cig ran out of battery charge and I was with my friend who was smoking so I had to have 1..2..3..and the rest!!! But back on the vape tomorrow. Would recommend them to anyone who wants to give up or just cut down. The only problem is that it is new technology so are prone to breaking down. Give it another year and they will be spot on. The major problem is that all the parts come from china at the mo so we need say no more!!
    Anyway, I hope you are well yourself and not working too hard.

    Take care.

    Maggie. x
    Had a really good nights sleep till 4.30am.
    Weather has been really warm this weekend,hope it's a sign of a good summer.
    Going to turkey in may for 2 weeks staying in our apartment for 1st time really excited.

    I think to send a visitor's message you have to click on the person's name,then it appears in their visitor's message's.

    Speak soon

    Back on nights, I work in Worcester UK. Hope you had a good easter,
    It has been a lovley day to-day so hopefully this is going to be a good summer.
    Not too bad realllyfor me, as should be in Turkey for August.

    Hope you are sleeping ok to night.
    Hi Issy,
    I never got your message dont know why!!!!
    Cant sleep again tonight playing fishy to try and send me to sleep.
    Have a good easter.
    Speak soon
    Hi, sorry I did not get back to you, it was showing that I had a message but not showing the message until to-day! strange.
    I am back on night again, I am a mental health nurse RMN. The forum passes the time.
    Speak to you soon,

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