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    Corolyn's Birthday.

    Many happy returns Carolyn, I wish you all the best and trust that life is still looking good for you.
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    Sunny Seasider's Birthday.

    May I be the first to wish you many happy returns of the day Lesley. You were good company, I miss you, as I am sure many others here do too. Best wishes.
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    SuperBogs birthday.

    Come back Bob I missed you. In the mean time, Happy Birthday.
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    Happy birtday Tykatem.

    We don't see much of you these days, I wonder where you are today, down at the pub in a small drinking village with a farming problem no doubt. Anyway have a great birthday, best wishes to you.
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    Happy birthday RedBloodedHound.

    It would be nice if you were with us to share your birthday Robin. I always enjoyed reading your dry comments. I hope you are well and I send you best wishes.
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    Pedestrian crossing in Turkey

    I've just seen this on the news and it works here in Turkey. Motorists were seen to slow down in their confusion with some trying to drive through the gaps.
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    Happy birthday Mirazz

    It's a little late in the day but I'm sending greetings and best wishes Mirazz. Where are you these days?
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    Least desirable town in Italy.

    I'm trying to sort out the mess I made.
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    Birthday Greetings Mummyduck.

    Birthday on Valentines day must be worth an extra special treat. Go on yalimart, spoil her, she deserves it.
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    St. Valentines day.

    Did any of you romantics wake your partner with flowers ?
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    It's birthday day

    Happy birthday to all fourteen of you ;)
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    Flooding in Fethiye

    Looking at the TV today there is widespread flooding. The flood water is brown suggesting it is washing down from higher ground.
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    Black day for Turkey then eh!
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    Where are you now?

    ยป Today's Birthdays JEANNIE*(64) ArtorLin*(63) punk69boy*(45) flynnerol*(44) In the last week I don't remember seeing one name, apart from TNT124, who have participated in this forum for many a day. Where are you now?
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    Flood, fire, famine and pestilence: Four Horsemen ride.

    Are we living through the Biblical prophesy?
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