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    Didim Diner Rumour

    Apparently, word has been spread that this establishment is closed. Nothing could be further from the truth, IT IS open and providing excellent fayre at competitive prices. We had a Roast Dinner here to-day with Apple Roll and Ice Cream for afters, an excellent meal provided by a welcoming...
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    Apartment contents for sale Didim

    Due to moving back to UK in September we are selling some contents ie white goods, bedroom, lounge, dining furniture and a garden swing(2 months old). For more info pm. Les
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    Furniture movers to UK from Turkey

    We are moving back to the UK from Altinkum and are seeking a good, reliable moving company. Has anyone got any recommendations please ? Les
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    Trip to Wildlife - Izmir - 14-7-2012

    50 Lira, 10 Liira deposit, contact Selma at Didim Diner, breakfast at DD from 9.30am, departing by 10.30am. Getting back around 11pm ish. Les
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    Trip to IKEA - 16-7-2012

    Contact Selma at Didim Diner, 30 Lira, 10 Lira deposit and departing by 10.30am. Les
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    Horse racing at Izmir - 19-7-2012

    50 Lira, 10 Lira deposit, lunch at DD 1.30 - 2pm with departure by 3pm. Contact Selma at Didim Diner. Les
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    Trip to Sirinci - 24-7-2012

    40 Lira, 10 Lira deposit, Contact Selma at Didim Diner. Breakfast at DD 9.30 - 10 am with departure 10.30 - 11am. Les
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    Money exchange - Icmeler

    Can anyone recommend places to exchange money in Icmeler please. I'm asking this for someone on another Forum. Les
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    Altinkum - Home Movers International

    Has anyone used this company or know of anyone who has please. Les
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    Safe to use Turkish appliances in UK ?

    We are aware that the voltage is the same but would we have to use adaptors on items or can a UK plug be attached for the appliance to work normally ? Les
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    Kalkan 2013

    On another Forum of which I contribute there is a family coming out from March 30th to April 13th and they are asking what restaurants and beach clubs would be open at that time of year, if any at all please. Les
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    Money exchange

    Can anyone recommend places in Dalyan to get money exchanged please. Les
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    Horse racing at Izmir - 17/5/2012

    Anyone interested contact Selma at Didim Diner, cost 50 lira, 10 lira deposit required. The timetable is:- Meet at Didim Diner for lunch by 2pm, depart for Izmir by 3pm, there will be a short stop going to and from the event. First race is 6pm, last race at 8.30 with an expected return to...
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    Shopping Trip - Kemeralti, Izmir 10/05/2012

    Didim Diner are organising this trip which departs at 10am. Cost 30tl pp, 10tl deposit required. For further details contact Selma. Les
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    Didim Diner - Staff Required

    Turkish and English staff required, must have some knowledge of English/Turkish language. Contact Selma at Didim Diner.
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