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    If you do fewer tests you get fewer infections to report. At one point the Turkey Covid test numbers were well over 300,000 per day. The key statistic to take notice of is what percentage of the test are positive. The WHO target is 5% or less so some way to go.
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    Carpenter / Furniture Maker in Fethiye

    We are looking to get some bedroom furniture made. We have a very clear idea of what we want, the sizes and the look. Can anyone recommend a carpenter or furniture maker in the Fethiye area to gives us a quotation? It's for our apartment in Kalkan but the prices being quoted by local...
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    Can anyone advise what the Turkish equivalent of Polyfilla is. Looking to purchase in Fethiye. Thanks in advance. Ken
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    Wrought Iron Furniture

    We are looking to purchase some wrought iron furniture (couple of armchairs and a table) for an outside terrace area in our recently acquired duplex apartment in Kalkan. As expected the local manufacturers are extremely expensive. I wondered if anyone had names of other companies a bit further...
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    Taxi - Antalya Airport to Kaleici

    Can anyone provide the rough cost of a taxi from the airport to the Kaleici area? Arriving late evening at the end of October for a few days. Thanks
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    Winter Flights 2007

    Holidays 4U now selling winter flights to Dalaman over Xmas 2007 and New Year . Not on their website yet so you have to phone and book. Booked return flight leaving 28th Dec, Manchester, 7 nights only £102 return. Be quick.
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    Dalaman Street Map

    Anyone know where I can obtain a street map of Dalaman? Nothing to detailed , just want to be able to navigate from the airport to the main road/motorway leading to the Gocek Tunnel en route to Kalkan.
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    Turkish Traffic Lights

    After numerous airport transfers between Dalaman and Kalkan we have taken the decision to hire a car for the week when we go out at the end of December. No need to worry about the winding route over the mountains since the Gocek tunnel was completed, I understand who has priority at...
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    25% off all Excel Flights + Promo Codes

    Excel offering 25% off all flights departing before the end of October. You can then get further money off by using the promo codes below. Instructions: Save £20 per person on flights. You may need to enter specific dates found when looking at special offers to be able to use the promotional...
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    £10 off return flights at

    Promotional Code: FTCA22 Expiry: 01/02/2007 Next time you book - get £10 off per passenger (£5 off each way). It's not a massive saving but it's better than nothing! There should be the option to enter the code when you go through the online booking system
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    Tapu Office Holiday

    Can anyone confirm if the offices that issue Tapu's close in July and August for the holiday period? We bought in Kalkan last year (July) and if Tapu office is closed during summer period looks as if our title deed won't be issued till September.
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    Visa Price Increase?

    Extract from today's Turkish Daily News: 'An increase in the price of oil and tension on Turkey's borders will have a negative impact on tourism industry expectations in Turkey, said Başaran Ulusoy, president of the Turkish Association of Travel Agents (TURSAB). Başaran indicated that this...
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    Flight Changes - Thomsonfly

    Spent a large part of last in dispute with Thomsonfly over late changes to our flight to Dalaman scheduled for 8th - 15th May. Thomsonfly advised us on 24th April that due to poor seat sales the Glasgow - Dalaman flight was to be combined with the Belfast- Dalaman flight, meaning we would be...
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    IncreasingTransfer Costs

    We are heading over to Kalkan in April and have been arranging a transfer from Dalaman Airport. We have previously paid £40 each way (for up to 3 people). We've been quoted £50 this time - reason cited as increase in petrol prices. Anyone had a similar experience - 25% hike in price seems high.
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    Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

    Looks as if the exchange rate for the Lira is heading below the 2.25YTL to the £ level. Strong economic growth in Turkey suggests that the Pound will weaken further which is bad news for British tourists heading out this season. Seems a long time ago when we were getting 2.6YTL ( or 2,600,000)...
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