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  • Hi aysel
    I would like to invite you to join the new TLF group “1 Palestine 2 Nations”,
    a group that will promote the concept of a united Palestine, for Jews and Palestinians alike.

    Kind regards Goran Omar Bockman :307bt:
    hi aysel just to let you know that i have been busy collecting you good quality toys, for your pre school groups and have my first donation for a pair of boots !!
    Hi, its April and Martyn here.. thanks for your last thread.. I took down your email address and tried emailing but it bounced back! when you are back from your hols plse email me at aprilmalina@yahoo.co.uk and I can reply back, not sure whats happened. But no rush, please enjoy your holidays with your family in Instabal and we can catch up when you are back.... thank you so much... April x
    Hi Jane,nice to hear from you.I am flying to Istanbul 1st of July .My sister loved Datça a lot and stayed there untill now.They left Datça yesterday.Hope everything is fine ,say hello to your family.
    I will visit Ali on the 21st of July,will stay there for a few days.
    see you soon
    Hi Aysel - how are you? I shall be in Datca June 29th- I'll phone you. Love from Jane xx
    Hi Aysel - how are you?
    I enjoyed meeting your sister she is just like you - lovely!
    Hope to see you in July
    love jane
    Thanks Aysel - yes I got back in! I went to work yesterday and am working today and the rest of the week.
    hello Jane.I am suffering from flue.I havent been to school for 3 days.I am travelling to istanbul tommorrow.
    hope everthing is ok.
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