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    easy jet flights 2021

    Hi Does anyone know when Easy Jet will be publishing flights for October 2021. Booked single from Bristol to Bodrum for September so waiting when they publish the October return. Regards art2
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    easy jet flights

    Hi Does anyone have information when flights are out to Bodrum for June 2021 Thanks
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    double glazing firms in Didim

    Hi Can anyone recommend double glazing firms in Didim for new doors etc names and contact details please and any recommendations appreciated Thanks
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    easyjet flights for sept2018

    HI does anyone know when flight dates will be out for september 2018 Thanks art2
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    Interior paint

    Hi Can you give me the Turkish name for white interior gloss paint. Thanks art2
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    Hi Can you buy upholstery (fabric) cleaner in Didim or can you recommend someone who can clean settees. Thanks
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    what food can you take in hand luggage

    Hi going to bodrum via Bristol airport and wondered are you allowed to take cheddar cheese in hand luggage and also tinned food ie corned beef not any tins with liquid inside. Thanks art2
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    Easy Jet flights for October 2017

    Hi Does anyone know when flights are available for October 2017,can only find flights for September2017. Many Thanks art2
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    election of officers for complex committee

    Hi Just wanted to know, do you have to be present at AGM to be nominated for committee ie if owner would like to be on committee have they got to be physically in AGM or be nominated via proxy vote or by any other means thanks art2
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    white vinegar

    can you buy white vinegar in Didim and if so where? Thanks art2
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    dairy products

    are there any shops in didim area where one can purchase bacon?also butter and cheddar cheese,can you let me know what are they called in Turkish?Only hand luggage this time so unable to take over. Many Thanks art2
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    Hope that i have selected right place to start thread,are there any chiropodist in Didim or surrounding area and any info appreciated Thx art2
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    complex information

    can anyone verify if one has to be resident to be elected as a chairman duly elected in EGM,been informed if not a resident cannot be elected even though one is an owner and elected in EGM. Many Thanks art2
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    Garanti online banking

    Hi I have just tried to acces my online garanti account.logged on put in customer number and password then another screen pops up asking me to contact the bank to give my mobile number.I last logged on in November so they do have all details icluding mobile phone number.Any help,has anything...
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    how long does visa last?

    Hi i recently had my passport stamped for entry (bodrum Airport)on the 5th June so will i need to pay again as i am travelling on the 24th August and returning on the 9th September. Thanks
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