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  • Thanks Mate

    I tried that Parasites game but gave up life is too short. Im back to mini pool at the moment but cant break 4000 ,I PM'd Steve to ask him if he had been hacking into the system to get his scores back, I still await his reply the longer he leaves it the more guilty he looks:5:

    Thanks Andy, it's been a bit mad today with the kids and stuff!
    Thanks for the birthday message mate
    Hi Andy, Just 1 More Player Needed Now For The Minipool Turney .By The Way, I'm Having Trouble Trying To Do Posts, I Type Them Out, But When i Try To Post Them, It Comes Up As "You Are Not Logged In" And Then I Have To Re-Login Again. Any Ideas? Ted
    Hi Andy. Yes ive given up for now on the arcade, we could do with some new games now, so im playing a lot of poker on facebook & the other arcade. Steve
    Hi Andy. Thanks for letting me know i haven't tried much as we are in the middle of packing up to move house on Saturday which for me is a good thing otherwise i would be really pissed off like yourself if i couldnt log in every time. Steve
    Hi Andy can i just ask that when playing the game bart millionaire why does my score not go through when i finish it.

    thank lizzy
    Well Done Andy I knew you would be back. I am hooked on Sports Smash (currently 3rd) and Spiderman (2nd) only one catch away from getting that one but they are both Steve's so might have to end the truce He He. I am trying to get Word Sorting from Jaytee again only 1 off getting it. Good to have you back and fighting mate

    I cant think of nicking any of your scores for a while mate I have been playing sports smash but thats one of Steve's so might have to move on to something else. I think you will be back playing soon you wont be able to handle not seeing your name in lights plus its been good sport the three of us trying to out do each other. See you in the forum.

    cmon Andy Ive Done nothing but now im second are you not playing anymore I had a chat with Steve to say we should leave each other alone and try to get as many top scores brtween us as we can but clearly we have outside influences ganging up on us
    A day early as you spotted so will be interesting what tomorrow brings.
    Thanks Andy
    Hi Andy,
    Hope you are OK. Not been on forum for a while. The new set up looks OK. Whats happened to your Avatar? Regards Al
    Hi Andy yes we're moving as soon as house is sold .we saw a villa we liked in altinkum it's still on the market, Eric (emlak) and i keep in touch through emails . we're totally fed up with uk (weather big bills etc) some friends of ours may move permanently as well. they have an apartment in yesilkent (about 2 miles from where we hope to buy) so keeping fingers crossed Ted
    The snow and rain missed us completely.Just a few small patches in the fields to melt.
    hI aNDY no good in the tournament for me but it look s llike you are going to be the champ . Well done Eve
    Thanks for the snow warning.We are still very white here and have thick fog as well this morning.Your snow pics were good, you'll have to learn how to put them in a post on the message board. Very easy!
    Hi Andy. Thanks for that i will have a look! It took me ages to beat the score on pang today, not quite got gold digger sussed yet but working on it.
    Not too clever with this business but I Did see your Photo Gallery, and I think anyone who saw these photos would sell up immedately and move here.
    Splendid Photos of Splendid Places, really beautiful. We had 2 weeks in the Vikingen Hotel
    Alanya some time ago, and had a brief trip up to see the new Dam[ not yet flooded at the time] and we had lunch at a restaurant just below the Dam beside the river. One could just drive round for hour upon hour taking in the scenery. Once again, your Photo Gallery is truly lovely.
    Mind how you go.
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