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    Info Living Permission Without a Tapu or Rental Agreement To Obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey

    Thanks Tenpin, and of course Martin. Did not know about this. I have a friend hoping to come over to Turkey to stay later this year and this will solve a problem.
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    Postpone Military Service for Turkish expats

    If you are not Turkish born why are you doing Turkish military service?
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    Different Family Name Issue

    Can you not use the passport with the same name on the certificate?
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    Different Family Name Issue

    Why do you have a different name on the certificate? If you can prove that the certificate name and your Turkish name are the same person you may be ok but you will probably be asked why. Think you may need a lawyer here or where you are applying for the job.
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    Question Turkish Resident Visa extension

    Check the Doc Martin files on residency but think minimum is for 1 year. If you are under 65 you will need 1 year's health insurance. You can get some to do it for you but costs will vary depending upon who you use eg someone doing it as a business or the cousin's friend of the barman...
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    Selling Property Advice

    As Mushroom states the POA would need to be notarised to be accepted in Turkey.
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    Selling Property Advice

    Is there anyone in UK you can give POA to that could do it for you if you have doubts ?
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Beach Boys as backing group here.
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    Watch The Lira Now

    Bitcoin reached ATH of $60000 earlier this year. Check coinmarketcap and see the recent drop.
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    Windows 11

    Thanks Jaycey. Clear now.
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    Windows 11

    It will be a free upgrade if your computer meets the new requirements for Windows 11 and if your computer was built more than 2 years ago its more than likely the computer will not meet the requirements Not all computers currently running windows 10 will be permitted to upgrade to windows 11...
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    News John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

    I did not use the password for this site on any other site. I have changed the email I was using. Thanks for the info.
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    News John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

    Nothing had been changed, thanks. Sorry but I seem to have taken thread off topic.
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    News John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

    Changed my password but is that all I do?
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