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    Disabled toilets

    Hi we travel to Altinkum shortly and for the first time a family member that is in a wheelchair will be coming along also,would anyone know if there are any disabled toilets (wheelchair accessible)on the beach front where the majority of bars are...thanks..Algy
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    Visa and health check

    Hi I heard on the news this morning that anyone travelling to Turkey,will have to que for the usual visa on arrival but also for a health check for swine flue,does anyone know if this is true.thanks..Algy
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    Passport visa

    Hi we own an apartment in Altinkum and we have been going over regulary for the past four years,only this time my my son his wife and our 20 month grandaughter are coming with us,I know we have to pay our £10 entance visa but will we have to pay it for our grandaughter. thank you ...great forum...
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