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    Foreigner Identity Number. Bodrum

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the Foreigners Police Department is that covers the Bodrum area. I need to apply for a Foreigner Identity Number. Thanks
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    Bags are packed ?

    This will be my last post for a long while, the time has come to return to Gumsan, Gumusluk, this time staying for the summer. Yes I know its going to be hard, sitting on the patio deciding whether to go for a swim, open another Effes or just sit and read a good book. Or after a few more Effes...
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    Book swap

    Hi everyone, especially those in Gumusluk. I will be spending the summer with my wife Maggie at our home in Gum San 1 arriving on 5th June. Having explained on the introduction page, I'm now a man of leisure having now retired at the young age of 55. (Age is relative, my body insists I'm 55, my...
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    I've been using the forum for ages and have used all the advice given by members, Thank everyone. So it's now time to introduce myself. I'm Alan, and with my wife Maggie purchased a villa at Gum San 1, Gumusluk on the Bodrum Peninsular about 18 months ago. It has been used up to now as a holiday...
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