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    Someone asked for the Turkish for this nice little Herb...try KISNIS..and a good site to find similar
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    sterling versus the euro

    Ear-wigging a Starman topic...he says that it is better to take euros to turkey as opposed to sterling..does this apply to the general holiday-maker too ?..Alan.
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    Sweet Carrot Halva

    Seeing as there are lots of Pistachio's in Turkey..try this recipe.. Ingredients 1&1/2 lbs Grated carrots 750mls (3/4 pint) milk Cinnamon stick or piece of Cassia bark(optional) 4 tbsp vegetable ghee or oil 1/4 cup of sugar 1/4 cup unsalted Pistachio's (chopped) 1/2 cup blanched Almonds (flaked...
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    New member

    Hi everyone, I'm Alan from Hull, E Yorks.I live with partner Debs & her 2 girls.At the mo I'm trying to find out how this forum works so bear with me.I've holidayed in Turkey 4 times and am going back to Altinkum in July.I'm ex-RAF (sorry) & took my pension & ran 14 years ago. I'm sorta retired...
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    Transfers from Bodrum Airport to Altinkum

    Anyone know the going rate for transfers and any reputable carriers.
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