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  • Hi I'm Thierry and I had a apartment in Didim and I'm looking for a honest management companies not to expensive in Didim.

    Did you have some adresses ?

    Thanks, Montana
    Hi John,

    I received the email alert below regarding kinara turkish homes from companies house . Have you heard anything on the ground. Thanks


    MONITOR ALERT - The following changes have taken place for this business

    New Company Documents Filed
    22/07/2011 - Termination of appointment of director
    22/07/2011 - Termination of appointment of secretary
    Hi John
    I would like to invite you to join the new TLF group “1 Palestine 2 Nations”,
    a group that will promote the concept of a united Palestine, for Jews and Palestinians alike.

    Kind regards Goran Omar Bockman :307bt:
    Hello everybody
    My name is John and my wife name is Sevim
    We live and work in Akbuk , Didim area
    Owner of Akbuk Estate
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