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  • Hello I have just seen this message, as it was missed, We need to know a little more to give a quote like where in TR and to where and weather it is a Cat Dog or Parrot. Please email us pawskennels@gmail.com. Also travelling with us you do not need travel crate as our vehicle is fitted out.
    Hello Ade, thanks for your message, only got to read it today 30th Sept when I signed in. Our friend returned home last week 23rd so nobody in house now. I would have to refer you to our other friend who has our key and she would let you in but I will have to get the address for you, I could take you to it and know it is Dadya Sitesi but will get the number for you and get back to you. If you are standing at the top of the wee road that leads to the Marphe Hotel if you turn around and face up the big steep hill we are on Zeytindali III
    at the very top left hand side, only detached house on site, all rest apartments.
    We face overlooking the pool and fa├žade of house on top is painted pink. I will get back to you when I find out the exact address and then you can make arrangements to get in touch with her.
    My email address is doreenmoss31@hotmail.co.uk
    All the best in the meantime.
    Doreen and Geoff
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