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  • Hi Alison
    Heard from a PM from Grainne that you've been thru a tough time, so sorry.
    Do let me know if you are organising another get together sometime. It's nice to get people down from the cloud onto terra ferma.
    Best regards
    Jaycey, Valentyna (& Mitzi, of course)
    I know exaxctly what you mean about them not properly anaesthetising them. I have been in the room for a few operations with one vet, he didnt weigh the animal and the cat wasnt knocked out, he was moving and crying out in pain. We no longer use that vet.

    Anyway, I am SO glad she is back with you :)
    I had a street cat spayed at a anımal sanctuary here and she was the same,ı to wısh ı had never put her through the experıence as she never fully recoverd changed her completely.
    Was told sometımes they dont fully anethetıse(sorry about the spellıng)them because they do that many at onceiıt really upset me to see her lıke that.
    If you had her done at your local vet ı would certaınly get the vet out to her ıf you cant take her to the vet.
    I prıvate msg you ınstead of postıng on general forum to much dıfferant opınıons.
    Hope she ıs ok soon.
    no lessons on Friday Alison...Jez is moving down to their new villa...but open the followşng Friday..hah..so you now have time to do what you should have done.
    By the time you read this, your new life in the sun will have begun, take care and enjoy!!! xxxxx
    happy birthday..better late than never i hope you have a good day .might see you one of these days in Alanya. take care.
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