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  • Hi Guys, just to inform you that I am going out on the 10th October for a couple of weeks so it would be great to meet you and have a wee drink at our new bar if its still there!!
    We had lot of enquiries about our wee pad in Olive Village and the signs are looking good for next year, I use a site called "owners direct" which seems to fairly good however there is no point in all of us sticking to the one site, we should spread or adverts with different sites and then we are double booked use each other.That's my thoughts any way but give me your idea's. Apart from my site, I know if I have a double booking for the same dates I can ask a few people and the more the better. I call it " i'll scratch your back"
    Hi Derek,
    not sure we'll make it out again this year. We've got so much on our plates.
    We were planning to come out beginning of October but its looking like it may be a bit too much on top of everything else. I wont stop trying though. I'll let you know if i make it.
    Hi Guys, sorry for not getting back sooner but I seemed to missed these messages, Yes we have got our Tapu through and things are looking better although to be honest we have not been out for a while and I'm looking forward to see this new bar.....I hope, Hi Germaine, yes I am looking at a new website for myself as I have a few irons in the fire and if I get busy next I will need a few guys like you on board....hopefully we can get a few bookings eh!
    Its a little to hot for me over there in July and Aug so I'm happy to rent it out to the chosen few ( all vetted of course) No larger louts in Olive Village thats for sure.....
    Hi Derek, hows things ?
    whats this about a new rental site ? Have you had many bookings for this year ? I've got a family staying next week but apart from that its all very quiet. I'm thinking about using a rental company. Whats your thoughts ?
    is this Derek? This is Clare from 3 doors down! How is everything going with the progress? We've just been out there and things havent really improved as such but we are being patient. Have you got your tapu through? is everything correct on it and does it state how much you paid for the property at the correct exchange rate?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Clare and Yvonne
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